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When we first met, I fell in love with you. I knew right then you were the only one for me. As time goes by, our love grows stronger still. You're the most amazing man I ever knew. The place I want to be is close to you. There’s ecstasy and peace in your embrace. I know that I can cope with what life brings as long as I wake up to see your face.Thank you my treasured and cherished love. Your loving and caring have made our marriage a blissful adventure of two! Thanks Love.

together forever til jannah

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bila tiada yang baik untuk diucapkan.
maka diamlah.
itu lebih baik dari bicara yang sia-sia.

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maka diamkanlah jemarimu.
sepi dari catatan.
itu lebih baik daripada menulis perkara yang sia-sia.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OnCe UpOn A tImE..;P

What an entry i had yaa..;)..*laugh....im laughing babe...im so happy today..as usual actually...when my baby is all around me..he kind a late taoday..oh God im so worried..it just a second day bee...

never ever make it again dear..hurrmmmm...wat should i say...there he goes my baby..a big baby bee actually..;p..anyhow anywise, i lurv the way he is..;)

yesterday was a great day for us..having a lunch together in an heavy rain..swear to God i wont forget that day...bee bawak payung dalam hujan???ehhhh yer ker nie yang...so sweet of u sayang...;)..hehehhehe...he's so damn gorgeous babe...

lik keje bee tunggu kat kl sentral..having appoinment with me plak...hehehehe..we juz had a walk together to our favorite places ever...having a cup of tea...when the weather is going to rain at any time..;p

walking together...holding each others hand...can i had these for the rest of my life bee????plz say yes baby...;p...how we misss each other so much...

*sniffs* ok girls, i have few things coming then, have to go now. of course the next entry will be with pictures. dunno how far that can be haha! until then, he's my precious. remember!

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