Buat SuAmI..

When we first met, I fell in love with you. I knew right then you were the only one for me. As time goes by, our love grows stronger still. You're the most amazing man I ever knew. The place I want to be is close to you. There’s ecstasy and peace in your embrace. I know that I can cope with what life brings as long as I wake up to see your face.Thank you my treasured and cherished love. Your loving and caring have made our marriage a blissful adventure of two! Thanks Love.

together forever til jannah

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bila tiada yang baik untuk diucapkan.
maka diamlah.
itu lebih baik dari bicara yang sia-sia.

sama seperti berbicara,
bila tiada yang bermanfaat dan berfaedah untuk ditulis dan dikongsikan,
maka diamkanlah jemarimu.
sepi dari catatan.
itu lebih baik daripada menulis perkara yang sia-sia.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

dO NoT lOOk BAcK aNd Ask Why..

dO NoT lOOk BAcK aNd Ask Why..
lOok FoRwaRD And aSk WhY nOt
kENaPA SAYA BeRkata beGiNI?sEbab cUKuP laa DENgan APE yanG pernaH BERlakU dalAM hIDUp KAMu YANg lalu..JANgan TerLALu MENcaNANg Masa LalU KerNA ia MENGaiBkaN Diri SENdiri..
APa YANg BerLAKu dULu MunGkIn MENDEWASaKAN bG seseTENgah MANusia..JugA raCuN yanG menGHANcuRkan HiduPnya kInI..dOnT ever LoOK BAcK oF wUt HAD haPPEn KerNA kaMu SENDIri MENCOraKkan MAsa LAlU kamU lanTAS JanGAN menJATuhKAN hUkUM Pada MAnusia LAIn DAN menUDInG jari pada MEREKA yanG di MASA lalU KamU..
APa YANg bERlaKU dI masa lalU AdaLAH kERna SALah Diri SENDiri KERANA tIADA manUSIa LAIn YANg MENcORAkkAN HAtI dan Jiwa KAMu sendIRI..kamU berDiri DI atAS kaKi SENdirI dan BuKAN lalAng YANg HANya BERgoYAnG menGikUt ALuNAN aNgIn
AKu BosAn dAn aKu BENci MANusia YANg BerCerIta sekAdar UntUk MiNTA di kASIhanI..sejUJURnya aKU bOSAN denGAN tIngKAH lakU manUSIA beGiNI..maka BAgi AKu benAr KAta PEPAtaH..sESAL dUlU penDAPatAN..SESal KEMudian X bERgUna..WALaU kIsah Itu Di caNANg SAtU dUnIA hakIKAtnYE cUmA dIKeTAhuI akU daN diA..:)

In most cases, especially in relationships, you will only get 80% of what you NEED and you will hardly get the other 20% that you WANT in your relationship. There is always another person (man or women) that you will meet and that will offer you the other 20% which is lacking in your relationship that you WANT. And believe me, 20% looks really good when you are not getting it at all in your current relationship.

But the problem is that you will always be tempted to leave that good 80% that you know you have, thinking that you will get something better with the other 20% that you WANT. But as reality has proven, in most cases, you will always end up with having the 20% that you WANT and loosing the 80% that you really NEED and that you already had.


Adultery happens when you start looking for what you don't have. "Wow, this girl in my office is a real looker. But it's not her Wynona Rider features that got me. I'm crazy about her because she's also understanding, intelligent, tender - so many things that my spouse is not"

Somewhere along the way, you'll find a woman or a man who will be more charming or sensitive. More alluring. More thoughtful. Richer. Have greater sex appeal. And you will find a woman or man who will need you and pursue you and go loco over you more than your spouse ever did.

Because no wife or husband is perfect. Because a spouse will only have 80% of what you're looking for. So adultery takes place when a husband or wife looks for the missing 20%. Let's say your wife is melancholic by nature.

You may find yourself drawn to the pretty clerk who has a cherry laugh no matter what she says: "I broke my arm yesterday, Hahahaha . . .."

Or because your wife is a homebody in slippers and pajamas, smelling of garlic and fish oil, you may fall for a fresh-smelling young sales representative that visits your office in a sharp black blazer, high heels, and a red pencil-cut skirt Or because your husband is the quiet type, your heart may skip a beat when you meet an old college flame who has the makings of a talk show host.

But wait! That's only 20% of what you don't have.
Don't throw away the 80% that you already have!

That's not all. Add to your spouse's 80% the 100% that represents all the years that you have been with each other. The storms you have weathered together. The unforgettable moments of sadness and joy as a couple. The many adjustments you have made to love the other. The wealth of memories that you've accumulated as lovers.

Adultery happens when you start looking for what you don't have. But faithfulness happens when you start thanking God for what you already have.

But I'm not just talking about marriage. I'm talking

About life!

About your jobs.

About your friends.

About your children.

About your lifestyles.

Are you like the economy airline passenger that perennially peeks through the door of the first class cabin, obsessed with what he's missing? "They have got more leg room! Oh my, their food is served in porcelain! Wow, their seats recline at an 80% angle and they've got personal videos!"

I guarantee you'll be miserable for the entire trip! Don't live your life like that. Forget about what the world says is first class. Do you know that there are many first class passengers who are miserable in first class -- because they are not riding in a private Lear Jet?

apaKAh YANg Cube SAYA sAmPAIkan DI SIni????

“If You STaRt APPreCiaTInG wHAT YoU have rIghT Now, WHeREveR yOu Are, You Are FiRST ClAss!!"


  1. fuuhhh,jenuh nak abiskan bc entry nie,asyik nmpk 20% ngan 80% jek,kuikuikui...

    but,u r rite...

  2. betol2..

    kadang2 kite lupa nk bersyukur dgn ape yg kite ade...

  3. sya:

    ye ke?

    but moral of da story kan syg...

    HARGAI APA YG KITE ADA..Senang je!!

    jangan bile da ilang baru nak tercanang2 satu dunia DENGAN BENDA YANG KITE PERNAH ADA TP BUKAN MILIK KITE LAGI...

  4. remo:

    yes bro!!!

    tu akar penulisan ini..:)

    jgn menyesal di kemudian hari

  5. betul tu akak syg!

    kadang2 kala kita alpa, hanya mahu ikutkan rasa dan nafsu yang menggila~

  6. nicely said.. couldn't agree more...

  7. comey miez nie.. lembut je.

    a gud piece. bsyukur ape yg kita ade.

  8. bepinau mate saye bace sis..
    i agree la..


رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَ‌جِنَا وَذُرِّيَّـٰتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَٱجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَامًا