Buat SuAmI..

When we first met, I fell in love with you. I knew right then you were the only one for me. As time goes by, our love grows stronger still. You're the most amazing man I ever knew. The place I want to be is close to you. There’s ecstasy and peace in your embrace. I know that I can cope with what life brings as long as I wake up to see your face.Thank you my treasured and cherished love. Your loving and caring have made our marriage a blissful adventure of two! Thanks Love.

together forever til jannah

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bila tiada yang baik untuk diucapkan.
maka diamlah.
itu lebih baik dari bicara yang sia-sia.

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bila tiada yang bermanfaat dan berfaedah untuk ditulis dan dikongsikan,
maka diamkanlah jemarimu.
sepi dari catatan.
itu lebih baik daripada menulis perkara yang sia-sia.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

..MA sWeeT ChILd MeMoIr...

SELaMAt PAgI sUmEr..:)
HeaPinYer AkU paGi NIe..wOnDEr WHy?????hahHAhaHA..I dUNno WHy..juZ iM fEelIng GuD..vERY2 GuD tOdaY..LikE i Said YeStERdaY..im HerE WItH a BraNd NeW me..
i THoUghT That wHEN iM sAYiNg ThaT iM cHaNGiNg..nO oNe Will dIsTuRbInG me???BuT tHerE IS stIll SoMeOne WhO's dIsTUrB INtO mY LiFe..

wItH SuCh A sTuPId QUeStIoNs...bUt NeVeRmInD,I aSSUmeD thAT tHAt WIll BE thE laST thInG ANd QuEStION fRoM tHAT PERSON...I hOPe..
sOmEtImes WHeN yOu ThInKiNg To MUcH iT wiLL juSt MeSs uR mINd,sO bEttER I lEt IT gO fReeLy As DoNt WAnt To meSs wIF ma MiNd n MA sOuL..I wAnnA HAve A fRee bOdY n SoUl U Noe..;)

SO i HAve To BE a NeW me..:)..NeW sHAFiNEE..RiTe BABy????..U nOE im DoiNg RiTe THiNg..It Is FoR us DoNt YoU nOE thAT???HAHahHAhaHAH..oNlY us nOe WHat we werE saYiNg n WuTS oN OuR minD k...

mAma BAwa BreAKFaSt TuK akU paGi TAdI coZ sHe'S NoT gOinG TO hOSpItaL fOr tHE dIAIliSIS tODAy..shE neED tO dO that 3 DAys A week U nOE..u WIll NeveR nOe How ShE felT bOuT thAt...

lOOkS lIke It'S GoIn To BE raiN tODaY..MY deAR, HE's GoIN To BE bUSy TodaY..;)..TaKE a VerY gUD carE ya..u NoE wHerE U aRE N i nOe wHerE u WERe tOdaY deAR...MAKe IT sAfE aNd CleaR k..sHow thEM uR taLENt...

Im WEArInG pInk ToDAy..bUt WiTHoUt AnY aCCesOrIeS..I LikE To buy THAt KiNd Of LAdY aCCeSoRiES..InsPiTe I haVE a Lot Of It..JusT dOnT lIKe To manY aCCEsOrIES oN me..i PreFer tO weAR ma WAtCh OnlY..:)hehEHheE..

iM nOt A KinD oF laDy yANg NAk pakAi SaraT2 dI badaN..BUt I dO liKe To KEeP iT..aS A GIfT..i Will sHoW u SoME oF ma ThiNGS On MA BoX...;)

i DoNt LikE eARiNg..n I dOnT eVEN haVE oNE u NOE..;)Why Im SAYiNg THat Is BeCAuse..DIs IS a SECreT K..:).hHEHeh..I NEVER PIERCE MA EARS FOR MA WHOLE LIFE SINCE I WAS BORN..hahahahhAH..

im so scared to pierce ma eArS..WoNdER hOW peoPLe FEel bILeR piErCE nYk2 KAt TELinGa DIA..HEHhehE..SERaM seH..sAKItNyEr...;)

i WiLL nEvER PiERcE ma EArs..iNGat laGi TiME sKOlaH dUlu..memBer AkU sI zIE oIerCe KenInG diA..YA aLLAh..tObaT aKU tGk..tU pIerCe senDIrI tU..KItORANg Li Ais KAt KANtIN sKOlaH THAn LETak KAt KENiNG DIa..aGAk2 DA kebaS Jer dIA cUcUk NGAN pIn LAMpIN babY tU..ya AllAh...NAIk MEraH mUKA dIA aKU TGK..mUKA aKu JGN CakAp Ar DA pUCAt lesI da TGk..;)

KEcIK2 DUlU arWAh NEneK MemaNg naK aKU pIercE tELinGA nIE coZ akU dari KeciK da DuK ngaN DIoRAnG..TaPi TobaT..TAk NAk Ar..Aku YANg TomBoY aNI NAk SuwuH tInDiK????Huh SoWi..WAt GElaK KAwan2 akU jer..CAm PoMpUAN DIOraNG kaTer..cemNA naK paNJAt PokOK raMbUtaN tI da KENa PAkai GAuN..aRWAh NENEk PAnDAI WAT guAn TAU..CAnTeK..:)WIndU akU KAt DIOraNg..moGA dI temPaTkaN di KaLAngan uMAt2 yanG SoleH n SolEhaH..aMINNN...
oNE daY nIe Ader baI jUAL kaRPET nI datNAg..tIMe AKu KECIK2 Ar..dIA wat GA pIerCE tEliNga Nie..ADeq AKu WAT aR n KAzen2 akU yanG adeR gaK..BilER KENa TuRn AKu..PAs TGk BAI tU dUK temBAk TelInga Adeq AKu..akU pUn ApER laGi..laRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII...taWAf SAtU uMAh NENeK aKu..pUAs DIa DuK kEJaR tETapI lanGKAh ALu LebIh PANtaS..HHahAHha...
akHIrNya BAi To pUn MENyERaH kalAh..yeAh YEaH..AKu MENanG..taK yaH pIERce..hehehEHe..ItUlaH seJaRaHnyER maPE akU taK sUKe ngan eaRiNG ynaG caNtEk TerGAnTunG dI BAzar KAt LuaR saNA tUE..;)

WAt HAppen WiLL haPPEn
HEHehHEhE..WAt WIll HAppEn YeA...HUrm..JoM kiTer menGimBAu MaSa LalU..HEHehHE..kan dEAR..HAHahHAha..

YeaH..I kEEp ON that..nOthInG GoNna bREAk MA heaRT aNymOrE..No moRe StUpID2 MEssAGeS..No MoRe AnnOyInG vOIcES ThRoUgh MA eArS DEAr..No MoRe CAllIng FrOm THEM..lEt It BuRn..iM fRee..i FeeL FrEE rItE nOw...:)

He DoNt wanT me To Be UpSEt AnyMoRe..cOz hE nOe ME rItE fRoM da StaRt..VerY nIcE tOPiC In OuR cOnFerEnCe THis mOrNInG..tO nEW fRenZ Of MiNE..WELcOme tO ma LiFe..PixIE N StoRmDEx..HAHahAhah..

u wERe All ChEERiNg Ma lIfE..He'S sOunD sO hEApI tOdaY..DuNNo WhY..It'S raINiNg oUtSiDe..bUT iM iN wIth A nEw Me..PrOMiSE tO bE..tOuGHer N cOOl BabE...YuP aBsOLuTeLy bE mE..bRAnD nEw Me!!!!

aCtUAllY i FeeL lIKe WaNNa kICk SoME aSS U nOe!!!BuT..My DEar saY nO..
i THiNk HE's RiTe..NeVer ThRoW oIL On FiRe...HAhahAahHA..MAYbe HE's RiTe..juSt WAiT n SEE RiTe ???lIkE i SAy,i'll BrInG u ToGethEr WiF me...;)..fOR tHE wOrLD wArIII..HAHhHAahAHaAa..

BoUt tHAt caN i CoME hUH ???SoUNd LikE besT jER..HEheHEHEHe...lEt'S PArtY....:)haHAhahAHa..
IM jUSt KiDDiNg...

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