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When we first met, I fell in love with you. I knew right then you were the only one for me. As time goes by, our love grows stronger still. You're the most amazing man I ever knew. The place I want to be is close to you. There’s ecstasy and peace in your embrace. I know that I can cope with what life brings as long as I wake up to see your face.Thank you my treasured and cherished love. Your loving and caring have made our marriage a blissful adventure of two! Thanks Love.

together forever til jannah

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bila tiada yang baik untuk diucapkan.
maka diamlah.
itu lebih baik dari bicara yang sia-sia.

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bila tiada yang bermanfaat dan berfaedah untuk ditulis dan dikongsikan,
maka diamkanlah jemarimu.
sepi dari catatan.
itu lebih baik daripada menulis perkara yang sia-sia.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

VeGe SoUp FoR lUnCh...NyuM..nYUm...

selamat berhujung minggu kawan2..
im at home rite now...
watching ULTIMATE BOURNE...;p

bee keje arini...cian dia pg2 da keje..but no worries...im ooking his lunch..;p
nak???hehehhe..so, menu for today, sup sayur n ikan goreng belada..;p..thanks to mama...credit to her recipes...;)..lurv my mom...

tp mama tido shah alam malam tadi, hehehhe..so pagi td aku g pasar tani, beli barang nak masak arini..;p..best pagi2 g pasar nie tau..;)

im addicted to PSP..;p..hehehhee..thanks yang let me play yours..;)..our new gadget..SONY PSP!!!!..Alhamdulillah akhirnya dapat gak kan bee...;)..mahal nak mampus!!!but worth it..;p

so dis is the menu for today lunch..;)

- daun sup
- 2 ulas bawang merah
- 2 ulas bawang putih
- any sayur2an dat u like...;p.(mine ada cendawan, jagung, carrot, bunga kobis)
- fish ball (ikan parang)

To jer..senang kan...hujung minggu aku suka makan sup, x kira laa sup ape, and because of me dear ni addicted to sayur like me so aku wat sup sayur for him today!!!....;)..jom mam jom..arini bee mam kat playgorund..weekend aku x suka makan kat luar coz i love cooking...;p

have a nice weekend babe..;p
selamat berehat kawan2...;)

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